Download Now Flip: Surfing Colors – free colorful skateboard game on Android and iOS

It is an arcade game (short levels, simple and intuitive controls, and increased difficulty levels) of Editor’s Choice on Google Play. If you want to play a colorful and arcade game, let’s try Flip: Surfing Colors.

You will skateboard in the famous cities around the world. In Flip: Surfing Colors, you travel through many amazing cities and you can break the color of the obstacles with many joys! The game also brings you maximum speed competition with your friends and, of course, in a game you always want to win over others. Take a look at the main features of this arcade game. Like most other arcade games, Flip: Surfing Colors will make you addicted quickly after just a few levels of playing.

Smooth skateboard experiences win your heart

If you love skateboarding, this game is for you. You will experience smooth and practical skateboarding based on how skateboarding works in everyday life. Using your skillful hands, you control your character to surf on roads through the city, inside a colorful slide.

Flip: Surfing Colors on mobile

Simple control but lots of fun

This game is extremely easy to control with the most common gameplay in arcade games. You just click on the edge of the screen to move your character, then break blocks of the same color of your character and change the color of the character by taking the paint ball along the way. A wrong color touch will reduce your hit point and you only have three points. So, you have to be very careful to control the movements of your characters. The short version and endless track of the game are very suitable to play on mobile devices with touch screens.

Flip: Surfing Colors on mobile

Rich themes to inspire you

You will find it difficult to choose a style when playing Flip: Surfing Colors. Because the game is developed with extremely rich, fantastic and dreamy themes with full of colors inspired by global cities. Every day picking a theme to play will help you not get bored and more exciting.

Flip: Surfing Colors on mobile

Sophisticated challenges not discourage masters

Although initial playing is quite simple, gradually, as the advanced level, sophisticated challenges come with new color blocks. So you have to constantly overcome yourself to win this game. Entertainment will be with brainstorming, you need to choose the most suitable playing tactics.

Flip: Surfing Colors on mobile

Numerous choices depend on your style

You can choose your own character and skateboard. In the selection list, Flip: Surfing Colors will come in a variety of colors and shapes depending on the preferences of different players. All characters have their own attraction and unique skin. No matter who you are, you will find your suitable one in this game.

Flip: Surfing Colors on mobile

Fun sounds make you relax

When you join the game, you are entertained with beautiful designs and fun sounds and background music. When you hit the obstacles, get the coins, receive the changes of your character, you will hear the sound of excitement. You can feel addicted to this exciting sound if you play this game for a long time. It is also make you feel better after a long day of working.

Flip: Surfing Colors on mobile

Some advices from the developer of Flip: Surfing Colors, you need to know if you want to win this game.

You should check the position of the different characters when they jump on the map. You need to collect more coins with combos and boosts. At the same time, you also need to pick up pieces of masterpieces from every city and then re-assemble completely. Finally, you need to complete the mission and then receive rewards to gain certain advantages when playing this game. Now let’s download Flip: Surfing Colors and enjoy!

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